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    WoltLab Suite Core

    This is bug I noticed on my site and on here too. A good example is on this thread WoltLab Suite 3.1 RC 3 Download Where the number of views has subtracted from 411 views and now is down to 387 views.

    Small suggestion: Since you do make the beta and RC's available freely to the public you should make it easier for someone to report bugs. At the moment I do not have permission to do so. This would improve support for your paid customers since you would have more people submitting bugs before the release.

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  • LoveIsLove

    Changed the title of the thread from “Number of view subtracting” to “Number of views subtracting”.
  • You can report bugs on this forum: WoltLab Suite Core

    Oh! I see you did post it on that forum. Yeah, you can't report bugs I notice on the other forums listed under bugs because they are paid APP forums - while the CORE is free to use and why you can post on this forum. But like you say, if using an RC version that comes with all the APPS testing and you spotted a bug with any of them, then you can't really report it on the APP forums for it

    • Official Post

    I can't confirm any numbers going down, on top of that the relevant code behind it has not changed for years, so it is a bit unlikely that it would suddenly break. Considering that there are multiple threads like right next to each other with somewhat similar numbers, is there any chance that you might have just mixed up the rows?

    For reference and to keep track of it:

    (I've included the other thread too, so that I don't get confused myself.)

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