WoltLab Suite 3.1 RC 3 Download

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    Introducing WoltLab Suite 3.1, the definite answer for community-driven websites and forums.

    System Requirements

    WoltLab Suite 3.1 requires the following prerequisites to install and run the software:

    • Webserver with PHP 5.5.4 or newer
    • MySQL 5.5.35 (or newer) / MariaDB 5.5.47 (or newer) / MariaDB 10.0.22 (or newer)
    • 20 MB free disk space
    • Current Webbrowser (Chrome 64+, Firefox 58+, Safari 11, Internet Explorer 11 / Microsoft Edge 41+ [EdgeHTML 16+])

    Installation Guide

    1. Download the installation archive onto your computer.
    2. Extract the archive.
    3. Upload the files install.php, test.php and WCFSetup.tar.gz onto your webserver.
    4. Start the installation by navigating with your webbrowser to the test.php.

    Updating from earlier versions

    Please follow the instructions in the next post to perform an upgrade from WoltLab Suite 3.0.x.

    Usage and Support

    This evaluation version is not suitable for use in production environments, doing so is entirely at your own risk. An update from WoltLab Suite 3.1 RC 3 to future versions is guaranteed. You may use this version until April 1st 2018, if you wish to continue past this date, a valid license for the respective app (e. g. WoltLab Suite Forum 5.1) is required.

    We're looking forward to hear your feedback and report of possible issues in this forum.

    Download WoltLab Suite Blog 3.1 RC 3

    Download WoltLab Suite Calendar 3.1 RC 3

    Download WoltLab Suite Filebase 3.1 RC 3

    Download WoltLab Suite Forum 5.1 RC 3

    Download WoltLab Suite Gallery 3.1 RC 3

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    The procedure below describes an upgrade from WoltLab Suite 3.0.x only. If you would like to upgrade from an earlier version, please see our help guides to learn more.

    Step 1: Enable maintenance mode

    The maintenance mode disables the forums and most other features (including cronjobs) to preserve data consistency. We understand that putting a live forum into maintenance mode is unpleasant, but failing to do so will most likely cause data inconsistency and might even cause the upgrade to fail.

    Step 2: Create a backup

    You should always create a backup before applying any updates, but upgrading is a much more complicated and irreversible process. If for any reason the process fails before completion, your installation is most likely irreparably damaged and cannot be recovered, except for restoring it from a backup.

    A full backup consists of two parts:

    1. Full database dump
      Please avoid using phpMyAdmin for this task, it is not designed to handle large databases and eventually yield broken or incomplete dumps. We recommend using mysqldump (if you have access to the command line) or the free MySQLDumper.
    2. Full copy of the forum files
      Create a copy of all files belonging to the software and its components, including all user-generated data, e.g. attachments

    Avoid mixing database dumps with file copies originating from a different point of time, it will most likely not work or cause serve damage to your forums.

    Step 3: (Optional) Increase PHP and/or database timeouts if possible

    The upgrade process will make changes to some key tables, including the user table and message-related tables, e.g. for posts or conversation messages. Depending on the size of your forum, this can take quite some time to complete and running into a timeout will break the entire upgrade. Please make temporary adjustments to these timeouts at your own discretion.

    Step 4: Update your Installation

    Please run a full update through Configuration > Packages > List Packages and click on the button Search for Updates. You must run the latest versions in order to perform an upgrade, earlier versions are not supported.

    Step 5: Add the update servers

    1. Navigate to Configuration > Packages > List Update Servers
    2. Click on the button Add Server
    3. Insert http://update.woltlab.com/tornado/ into the field Address and leave all other fields empty
    4. Click the Submit button to add the new Server
    5. Insert http://store.woltlab.com/tornado/ into the field Address and leave all other fields empty
    6. Click the Submit button to add the new Server

    Step 6: Perform the update

    Please navigate to Configuration > Packages > List Packages and click on the button Search for Updates. The system should redirect you to a new page offering WoltLab Suite 3 and maybe other products.

    Step 7: Rebuild all data

    Some changes require you to rebuild data, it is recommended to run all steps listed in Management > Rebuild Data once the update has completed.

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    Important Notice

    The version RC 4 of WoltLab Suite Core has just been released, this version fixes an issue that caused all system-type pages to be hidden from search engines after upgrading from 3.0. This update force-enables the visibility for the affected pages, while also applying the default visibility for pages provided by the Core itself.

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