No insert smiley option from backend with Articles

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    I noticed unlike with forum posts, the editor used in the backend for writing articles doesn't have any smiley box option to insert smilies. Would be nice if the option to insert smilies with articles is there. The smilies come included as part of the core only package anyway, they are not something extra that comes included when you install a paid add-on package like the forum. So would have thought the option to use them with articles would have been added - same as how they can be used with forum posts.

  • NicoleSophie

    Changed the title of the thread from “No insertsmiley option from backend with Articles” to “No insert smiley option from backend with Articles”.
  • If you only have the Core installed. There is no option anywhere using it from what I see to make use of inserting smilies proper. And nobody remembers the code used for every smiley installed.

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