Features and Improvements in WoltLab Suite 3.1

  • WoltLab Suite 3.1 has just reached the release candidate phase next and we will no longer add features, but instead focus on stability exclusively. This allows us to finally deliver you the definite list of improvements and new features that ship with the upcoming WoltLab Suite 3.1.

    For a list of changes in WoltLab Suite 3.0, please refer to this thread: Features and Improvements in WoltLab Suite 3

    In-Depth Spotlight on Selected Changes

    A large selection of major features have already been presented and explained in-depth previously:

    Complete List of Changes

    This list includes changes made across all apps and the Core itself, especially improvements made to the Core have a great impact on all apps and are therefore listed more prominently.

    Reduced Visual Clutter in the Message Reply Sidebar

    The message reply sidebar has been modified to show the username and avatar only, removing any visual distraction without breaking the message-like display.

    Improved Breadcrumbs on Mobile Devices

    Breadcrumbs are now consistently displayed on all screen sizes, including a condensed view for smartphones.

    Unified Default Image for Facebook

    Define a site-wide image that is automatically suggested when sharing links to your site on Facebook.

    Extended Page BBCode

    Optionally supply a custom link title when embedding CMS pages in articles, boxes and pages through the use of [wsp=123,'My Custom Title'][/wsp]

    Suppress Notifications from Blocked Users

    Users will no longer receive notifications that were the result of a blocked user's actions, including both direct and indirect interactions.

    Flexible Media Providers

    Media providers can now specify a callback class that will be invoked to handle the URL recognition, offering support for the most complex media sites.

    WYSIWYG-Editor for Comments and Responses

    Comments and responses have received a major update that enables the WYSIWYG editor when composing and editing comments.

    Basic Formatting for Article Teasers

    Linebreaks and paragraphs are now recognized and displayed for article teasers.

    Improved Display and Interaction for Smilies

    Smilies will now display a title on hover, additionally smilies are automatically recognized when selectively quoting a part of a message.

    Easier Styling and Scripting Access of Menu Items and Boxes

    The internal identifiers of menu items and boxes are now consistently exposed in the template, enabling targeted styling and script-based access.

    Separate Teaser-Image for Article

    Articles are no longer limited to display a scaled image of their original image, providing more flexibility for authors.

    Consistent Permalinks for Comments and Responses

    Deeplinks for comments and responses take the viewer to an exact comment, optionally loading them on-the-fly if it was not present at start.

    Categories for Uploaded Media Assets

    The central media system now supports custom categories that can be used to organize all uploaded media assets.

    Full Moderation Support for Comments and Responses

    The moderation integration has been extended and now includes full approval support for newly written comments and responses.

    WYSIWYG-Editor for Paid Subscriptions

    Descriptions presented to users are no longer restricted to basic text, the entire editor is available as of WoltLab Suite 3.1.

    Automatic Detection of Links to Articles

    Links inserted into regular message that point to an article are now automatically detected and will show the article's title.

    Support for Custom Meta-Tags

    Add custom meta tags to every page through a flexible input field.

    Additional Restrictions on Banned Users

    Signatures will now be hidden and attempting to log-in with a banned account will show the ban reason.

    Improved Syntax-Highlighting for CSS3

    Expanded the list of recognized keywords to provide an accurate color coding for CSS3 code listings.

    Highlighted Content Area

    The content area is now encapsulated in an optional box that visually shifts the focus more towards the page content.

    Tracking of Added and Modified Phrases

    Modified phrases that have their default value changed will now be flagged and a filter is displayed to easily keep track of them.

    Improved Pagination on Mobile Devices

    The pagination's dimensions have been slightly adjusted to improve the access on mobile devices, now displaying the pagination at the page top.

    Generic Avatars using Username Initials

    Users can optionally be provided with generated avatars based on the initials of their username, with distinct background-colors.

    Easier Page Management

    Pages can be automatically inserted into the main menu, assigned a custom CSS class, or excluded from search engines and then maintenance mode.

    Expanded Article Deletion

    Articles can be added to the trash bin before finally removing them, including the ability to process multiple articles at once.

    Search Index Support for CMS Pages

    The search index now includes CMS pages in their entirety, including the ability to appear in mixed search results with other content types.

    Clipboard Support for Articles

    The editor for articles now supports drag & drop for file uploads and implicit uploads by pasting images from the clipboard.

    Optional Visit Tracking for Articles

    Users are optionally able to keep track of new articles, useful when using articles as a replacement for a news-system.

    Unified Edit History for Articles, Boxes and Pages

    The new edit history keeps track of significant changes made to articles, boxes and pages.

    Implicit Pagination of Media Assets

    Searches for media assets can sometimes yield large amounts of results, and are now automatically splits across pages if necessary.

    Additional Filters for Boxes and Pages

    The filter options have been expanded to include additional features, including but not limited to custom content.

    Consistent Label Support for Articles

    The well-known label system is now fully integrated with articles, unifying the user experience across your site.

    Periodic Cronjobs use Local Time

    Schedulded executions are now calculated against the server time, previously all times were calculated for UTC.

    Easier Management of Active Paid Subscriptions

    The list of active subscriptions now includes new sort options and exposes the ability to edit any active subscription.

    Guided Conversion of i18n Articles

    Articles with multiple translations can now be converted into non-translated pages, or vice versa.

    Process Multiple Articles

    Articles can be marked using the built-in clipboard system and processed at once, reducing the time needed for adjusting multiple articles.

    Additional Built-In Boxes for Articles

    Numerous new boxes have been added for articles, including but not limited to tags, latest articles and comments.

    Custom Box Show Order per Page

    Boxes can be re-ordered for each page separately, overriding the global defaults for the most optimal presentation.

    Better Text-Selection for Quotes

    Selecting a text fragment from messages for quoting will now properly recognize smilies and expand truncated links.

    Rearrange User Profile Tabs

    The order of user profile tabs can now be customized, the first tab will automatically be present on page load.

    Improved Performance and Privacy for jQuery

    Force loading of the jQuery JavaScript-library from the own site to improve the load performance and to protect your user's privacy.

    Integrated Ad Rotation

    Multiple ads assigned to the same placeholder are now optionally rotated at random instead of displaying them in parallel.

    Extended Privacy Options

    User cards are now automatically disabled when the user profile access has been limited for the current user.

    User Group Visibility for Menus

    Custom menus now expose additional visibility settings based on user groups, easily limiting non-public menus for unauthorized users.

    Notifications for Expiring Paid Subscriptions

    Paid subscriptions that are about to expire will send a notification to the user, including recurring subscriptions.

    Parallelized Upload of Media Assets

    Uploading multiple media assets is now performed in parallel to speed up the entire process.

    Accelerated Guest View

    Greatly improves loading times for guests and search engines alike by heavily optimizing towards a read-only access.

    Automatic Link Rewriting for Secure Pages

    Links and images in messages can be optionally rewritten to enforce secure origins if the site was accessed securely.

    Static ACP Menu

    The ACP menu is now fixed to the screen and always keep in view while navigating through long pages.

    Support for Desktop Notifications

    New notifications are optionally polled from the server and displayed to the user using native desktop notifications.

    Simplified Setup for Facebook Sharing

    The Facebook Share app id can now be supplied through the configuration options.

    Expanded Moderation Status for Reports

    Closing a report now offers an additional option to mark the report as justified for easier tracking of past actions.

    Better Rendering of Dialogs in Chrome and Safari

    Calculation errors in Chrome and Safari have sometimes caused the dialog text to become blurry.

    Consistent Localization Support for Embedded Content

    Media assets inserted into i18n articles, boxes or pages now adapt to the content language, rather than the interface language.

    More Markers in Google Maps

    The Google Maps integration has been improved to support very large amounts of markers being displayed at once.

    Guided Favicon Editing

    Automatically generates all required favicon and favicon-like files by uploading a single image in the style editor.

    BBCode for Native HTML

    Embed native HTML into messages using the permission-based HTML bbcode.

    Universal Sitemaps

    Integrated sitemaps for all important content types and an open interface to integrate 3rd party content.

    Built-In Contact Form

    The optional contact form features fully customizable input fields and a managed recipient selection.

    Better Sidebars on Smartphones

    Both sidebars are now accessible through a condensed button group at the top of the content with customizable button labels.

    Expanded Color Palette

    The style editor's color palette has been extended to offer more sophisticated customization options. including but not limited to the editor toolbar.

    Route Planer for Google Maps

    Various content types, such as images or calendar events, come with a Google Maps integration and now include a route planer.

    Integrated Developer Tools

    Developers now have access to a set of pools that aid in the rapid development of plugins and apps.

    Automatic Check for URL Rewriting

    Enabling search engine friendly URLs now performs an automatic validation and provides suggestions for failed tests.

    Image-Only Ranks

    User ranks that include an image can now be toggled to use that image only, suppressing the output of the associated text label.

    Test-Tool for SMTP Configuration

    Sending emails via SMTP requires a few configuration options, the added tool provides a simple one-button test to validate the settings.

    Paste as Plain Text

    Users can opt-in to always paste the clipboard contents as plain text, stripping all formatting present in the original source.

    Improved Detection of Upload Errors

    Uploads that failed due to server-side restrictions are now detected and reported to help adjusting the correct limits.

    Overhauled ACP User List

    The list of users in the ACP has been redesigned to provide a consistent interface with new options, such as password reset and email sending.

    Display Registration IP Address

    The IP address used during the registration is now displayed to administrators in the user profile and the ACP user list.

    Extensible Gender Setting

    The gender selection now allows custom values being added through plugins, the default setup remains unchanged.

    User-Only Mode

    Private sites can opt-in to hide all relevant sections for non-logged-in users, forcing them to register or log-in before viewing any content.


    Improve user engagement by awarding custom trophies and thus greatly encourage user activity.

    Improved Drafts for Editor Messages

    Drafts now include additional data, including but not limited to previously uploaded attachments when restoring a message.

    Invisible reCAPTCHA

    The integrated support for Google's reCAPTCHA has been extended and now supports both reCAPTCHA v2 and Invisible reCAPTCHA.

    Rebuilding HTML Messages

    HTML message can be completely re-evaluated upon major changes to bbcodes and smilies, establishing a consistent behavior.

    Expanded Image Proxy

    Now ignoring same-origin images, optionally handling insecure images only, and exclude domains based on a custom whitelist.

    Limited Forward-Compatibility for Plugins

    An additional versioning system establishes a compatibility-baseline between major releases, easing the migration to new releases.

    HD Style Preview Images

    Style preview images now support high quality images served to 4K/Retina displays.

    Global (S)CSS

    Provide SCSS that will be applied to the site regardless of the active style.

    Improve Data Rebuilding

    The rebuild data workers to no longer require a page refresh, completed tasks receive visual markers to keep track on them.

    More HTML Emails

    Most emails now support both a HTML and a plain text version.

    Message Visibility for Conversations

    Adding or removing participants limits the message visibility, optional overrides will expose all messages of a conversation instead.

    Moderator-Override for Conversation Participations

    Staff members can be granted the permission to always add participants to existing conversations.

    Limited Conversation Participation

    Users can be restricted to be added to conversations while being unable to start new conversations on their own.

    Flexible Thread Boxes

    Boxes for threads now support a wider range of conditions, including but not limited to the selected labels.

    Private Forums

    Forums can be flagged as private, limiting thread and post visibility to thread starters and staff members only.

    Limited Post Visibility for Guests

    Reduce the amount of visible posts when viewing threads as guest, encouraging viewers to register themselves.

    Custom Forum Icons

    Assign distinct icons to individual forums, using a combination of FontAwesome icons and colors.

    Synchronization of Discussion Threads for Articles

    Discussions threads for articles will now receive all status updates made to articles and their content.

    Consistent Delay Publication of Posts and Threads

    The approval option for posts and threads have been unified and now provide both immediate and delayed publication.

    Extended Moderation Notifications

    Users receive notifications for moderator actions on their threads, additionally the most common actions are displayed inline in between posts.

    Stream-Lined Post Options

    The post options have been re-organized into two distinctive groups in order to split moderation actions and post interactions.

    Redesigned Thread Filters

    Sorting and filtering the list of threads has been redesigned and unified among all devices, providing a fast, consistent and user-friendly access.

    Visual Indicators for Calendar Events

    Bygone events are now dimmed out and cancelled events use strike-through to improve recognition.

    More Options for Calendar Exports

    Categories can be exempt from export based on permissions and include a new export type for participated events only.

    Label Support for Events

    Events can now make full use of the label system, including but not limited to additional filters available based on the selected labels.

    Consistent Category Colors

    Color-coded categories now display their color at most places, providing a consistent visual guideline for users.

    Redesigned Month View

    Events on the month view now appear as bars and are able to visually span successive days.

    Improved Participation Handling

    Users now receive more notifications for status updates, including a notification for cancelled events they've planed to attend.

    Blog Category Subscriptions

    The subscription system for blogs has been expanded and now not only includes blogs, but also allows to subscribe to categories.

    Restricted Tagging for Blog Articles

    User groups permissions for tags limit the author's ability to make use of the tagging system.

    Tracking of own Blog Articles

    A new page has been added that tracks both own articles and articles in blogs where the user is listed as author.

    Google AMP Support

    All blog articles are now available via separate Google AMP pages, increasing the visibility in search engines.

    Subscribe to Filebase Categories

    Both individual files and filebase categories can now be subscribed, receiving notifications for new file submissions.

    Video Support

    The gallery now includes full support for videos, allowing both file uploads and embedding from 3rd party media sites, such as YouTube.

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