• With version 3.1 of WoltLab Suite Gallery, we have added support for videos. In addition to images, users will now also be able to either directly upload videos or link videos from video platforms like YouTube. For links to video platforms, WoltLab Suite Gallery 3.1 is able to automatically fetch video information like the videos' thumbnails.

    Video Upload

    Video upload is seamlessly integrated within the image upload so that users are able to upload images and videos at the same time. The upload button on the left-hand side is used to upload images and videos from users' devices, while the second button with the camera icon opens a dialog to enter the link to a video from a video platform (see the section on video links).

    To give other users a better impression about what to expect from the video in the list view, a preview image can be set for each uploaded video.

    Video Links

    By default, WoltLab Suite Gallery 3.1 supports linking videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Video links can be created using the same form to upload images and videos, using the new “Add video link” button that prompts the user to enter the link of the video.

    If the administrator has registered their website with Google (for YouTube) and Vimeo (Dailymotion does not require registration), WoltLab Suite Gallery 3.1 will automatically fetch the title, description and preview image of the video. If the user does not like the original video title or description fetched from the video provider, they are, of course, able to change them.

    Image and Video List

    The image list known from previous versions will show both images and videos side-by-side in version 3.1. Having a unified list of images and videos allows users, for example, to upload images and videos from an event to the same album so that other users will also see images and videos when looking through the album.


    Uploading videos and linking videos are two additional modules of WoltLab Suite Gallery 3.1 that can be enabled or disabled separately in the ACP’s options section. If linking videos is enabled, the administrator can decide which supported video platforms they want their users to be linking videos from.

    As for images, video-related permissions can be set for user groups which cover the ability to upload videos or create video links and the number of videos users can upload and link. Further permissions can be seen in the screenshot above.

    Uploaded videos will be saved exactly as-is without any conversion, due to the requirement of specialized software (and hardware) to convert them, and the significant long duration to process the video. We will, however, continue to monitor promising solutions to support video conversion for a potential inclusion in future versions.

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  • I have mixed feelings about this because staff here steered me toward a competitor product less then a year ago because this wasn't apparently a feature Woltlab was planning to add. Is video the only added feature to the gallery?

    Can you GeoTag images and videos using the google maps integration?

    Can you update images and videos without redoing the Title, description, Tags, etc.

    You mention that the video service data import includes Title, Description, Preview image, but does it also include tags? (That wasn't mentioned)

    I like that fact that albums can be mixed media with both images and videos. Wish my current gallery product had this.

    Will there be a feature to import from other gallery products?

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