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  • You don't need to write the full name. Type an @ and then type in at least 3 chars, then you will get suggestions:

    very good idea , 10 peoples reply to a picture and you want to tanks them , you can have a paper , a pen , write the 10 name and after you can have @ and write the 3 chars , and you make that x10 times or you can have a mention button

    mybb , simple machine have this plugin , i try to make that but it is more difficult because when you have five people on page one and five people on page 2 , it is not so simple to put the name on the redactor because redactor is only on page 2 and not on page 1 thus not so easy to know how the name is

  • The editor auto-saves all the contents (except files uploaded) in the browser cache multiple times a minute (I don't know the exact amount of time, but I think it's 10 or 30 seconds) so it shouldn't be a problem to go through the pages to find out the names. I am sure that we don't see that kind of button in the editor within the next 2-3 versions because the software gets more clearly every time they do a new major update.

    What could be an option is an optimisation of the mentioning functionality to auto-load a list of people / users who have participated in the thread / article / $ContentItem and offer them for mentioning directly when typing @ :)

  • each people have a different forum , here we have a thread by people since five year , some people have page 500 , the list of users responding to the thread must be very very very long .

    Today we have quote and in the quote we have the name and the text , i want just a button in the quote to insert the name only and not the text , i don't want the @ , because i reply to 20-50 pictures by day and i don't want to have 50 notifications but in my forum , it is a rule to thank people that reply and make comment to a picture ...

    today the forum is on phpbb because we have a mention button and other plugin as exif on attachment and not only on gallery , exif i have a solution but the thank no...

  • i retry to explain

    page 50 by exemple

    a post with the photo of the day of the user A picture 258 each picture has a number by the user

    next reply the user B , good picture but i think the color is too much

    next reply the user C, i don't like this picture because the color is too vivid

    next reply the user D, i like the picture because ....

    next reply the user E , i think the map is not exactly on the eyes

    next reply the user F , good job , i like it

    next reply the user G , i prefer the picture 257 , the 258 is too vivid

    next reply the user H , long time , i go here , i like the picture 247 , the 249 is too bright , the 252 is my best
    next reply by the use C , a quote on the user H , i don't understand your choice on the 252 , why

    we are now at the page 51 , because the user since two years , insert é-3 pictures by week

    next reply the user I , good job of the picture 257 ,

    next reply the user J , i like your picture 258

    the user A , reply : thanks B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I, J for your comment on my picture and try to explain why he uses vivid color or why the map is not so good

    and after in the next post , they put a new picture , the same picture less vivid with a new number 259 and he receive another comment by user D,i, K ,M V this time and day after day it is the way , we use the forum for comment on picture ...

    each user has only one thread on the forum landscape picture, one thread on animal picture ....

    Lycra i don't understand here which is a helpfull answer

    And i can quote a text but not the name of the user on select quote

  • As Woltlab software likes the blue pop up box, perhaps that could be used here?

    So, you click on each username within a thread and that username is sent to the blue pop up box, in the same way as if you were moving threads, or carrying out some other mod function. Once you've clicked on the usernames you want to thank, you go to the blue box which has saved all the usernames you've clicked on and it gives you a option to thank them all, or other options like sending them all a PM, or giving them points or something.

    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)

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