How to upgrade manually?

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    WoltLab Suite 3.0

    Hi, I know upgrading is possible through ACP > Configuration > Packages, but I'm not sure how to do upgrade manually and via File Manager/FTP.

    Is that possible at all?

    In WordPress, you can extract the WP files into your File Manager and then run WP to do tables and version upgrade.

  • Everything the system does could also be done manually. But nobody ever did that and you also should never try.

    Please use the update via updateserver or package upload. :)

    But I want to do it. I mean to learn it and maybe being used for a rainy day.

    In the tar packages I couldn't find any update files (like upgrade.php in vBulletin, XenForo and IPS).

    I mean is it enough to replace all the files of WCFSetup.tar.gz/install/files into the root directory? And the system recognizes the new version to update tables?

    I eagerly want to know and learn.

    Thanks a bunch

  • But why would you wanna do that?


    It's like manually updating an Android application - you don't do it and just use the Play-Store or a .apk-file.

    It's like updating WP. You can either manually by replacing WP files into root directory, or automatically update/upgrade your WordPress blog.

    Everyone knows automatic way, but no one knows the manual one.

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    When something is automatically done, surely it can be manually done too.

    No, it can't, the upgrade process is much more advanced and any attempt to randomly copy files over will break pretty much everything. There is no manual installation of the software and there is no manual update, everything is built around the package system, thus allowing updates without touching the files or database yourself.

  • I find the way and publish it, but question:

    Why it's not simple to upgrade manually? As many CMSs have manual way to do so, and some also automatically.

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    Why it's not simple to upgrade manually? As many CMSs have manual way to do so, and some also automatically.

    Why would you want to do something manually, when a single button click is all that takes it? There are so many drawbacks to manual updates, it doesn't make sense to ask for it, just because this was a thing decades ago.

    The point is, you cannot perform a manual update with our software, because it isn't just a stupid dump files here + run a sql file. The actual instructions and data exists in XML files that define a "this is how its meant to be"-state and the package system will examine each and make the required changes.

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