Editing post is generating an error

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.0

    So, I recently started to notice some error messages when I try to edit previously posted content.

    This is what it says when I try to save the content:

    The server encountered an unresolvable problem, please try again later.
    Exception ID: 5c73b2cbf8d4eb2fbf7c178ca8eba22d12df0cbf

    My board was an "import" from another board and I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not. I didn't notice this issue until recently.

  • Please use that id and look it up in your ACP.

    Thanks , this is what I got from logfiles

    The strange part is, it does update the post when I refresh it.

    Requested URL
    Error Message
    Could not execute statement 'REPLACE INTO wbb1_post_search_index (objectID, subject, message, time, userID, username, languageID, metaData) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)'
    File (Line)
    /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/database/statement/PreparedStatement.class.php (105)
    Query Parameter 1
    Query Parameter 2
    Server Rules/Moderator Code of Conduct
    Query Parameter 3
    Updated 8/5/2017 - added information about moderator powers (strike system, chat mutes) Our Rust server has a few rules. We kept them short in the server description but have expanded them for clarification to anyone who wants to know No racism in chat or anti Semitic imagery This is pretty self explanatory. Our system uses an auto filter to warn users for using racial slurs. 2 warnings and you get kicked. If a players is constantly using racial slurs and disrupting the community, that player will be issued a ban. Constant harassment of other players isn't permitted. Harassment in this term is constant harassment via chat. If a player is being killed over and over, this isn't harassment. Example: A player moves close to your base and you don't want them near you. Repeat killing of player will not violate this harassment rule. If that player does move across the map or away from your area and you continue to kill them, this can be viewed as harassment and isn't acceptable per our rules. No groups Our server is a Solo/Duo/Trio only server. No groups larger than 3 are permitted. No de-spawning loot during an online raid. (ruins the immersion of the game) Online raiding does happen and some players like to "de-spawn" their loot. This isn't acceptable on our server. If you're being online raided, sorry, accept your fate and let the raiders get your loot. If you are proven to have de-spawned your loot during an online raid, you will be issued a temp ban for violating the rules. No hacking This is pretty self explanatory. Please do comment if you have any questions and we will try to keep an on going "Q&A" here for clarification. Admin and Moderator Code of Conduct We want to maintain a "hands off" approach to server administration. This means that we only step in when we have to. We don't brag or boast in game to other players that we have admin/moderator powers. Below are the "Core Values" and "Guidelines and Rules" that any and all server moderators will adhere to. Core Values Have fun and create a fun environment Build a positive and open community Deliver fair and just service Be open and honest with communications Be passionate and humble Guidelines and Rules Mods will always listen to and investigate the full story involving any dispute. Mods are allowed to play in game. In game Mods are subject to server rules as regular players. Mods can kick players in game. Our moderators maintain a report of in game kicks and reason why in case of disputes. Mods are only allowed to kick players if said players have: repeatedly broken rules (more than 3 times), become too disruptive for other players in game. Mods will never spawn items for themselves or others players without cause. If there is cause, Mods will open a ticket in our forums to report the item spawn reason. Said report will be made public for all players to see. Mods will not abuse powers inside game. Noclip will never be used by moderators in game. Mods are to use a "hands off" approach to server administration. We want to maintain the way players play without disruption. Moderator Powers A Moderators main purpose is to just play the game like any other player and assist players with the most basic of request and to report and breaking of rules back to the admins. They really help to just have more eyes on the ground to ensure a more awesome playing experience for everyone. Our server employs the "Strike" system. If a player is being problematic or constantly breaking the rules, our moderators have the power to levy strikes. After 3 strikes the player is temporarily banned for 30 minutes. In addition to the "Strike" system, our moderators have the power to chat mute toxic players. While we understand this game is highly competitive, we do expect players to exercise restraint while using the in game chat system. Starting a flame war in the public chat is not tolerated and can earn a player a chat mute. If you need to report a moderator or admin on our servers, please do so in our Appeal a Ban/Report Abuse thread. Our administrators do view these reports and they are only visible between you and the administrator.
    Query Parameter 4
    Query Parameter 5
    Query Parameter 6
    Query Parameter 7
    Query Parameter 8
    1. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/search/mysql/MysqlSearchIndexManager.class.php (28): wcf\system\database\statement\PreparedStatement->execute(…)
    2. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/search/AbstractSearchIndexManager.class.php (22): wcf\system\search\mysql\MysqlSearchIndexManager->add(…)
    3. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/search/SearchIndexManager.class.php (110): wcf\system\search\AbstractSearchIndexManager->set(…)
    4. /home/artofw8/public_html/community/lib/data/post/PostAction.class.php (542): wcf\system\search\SearchIndexManager->set(…)
    5. [internal function] (?): wbb\data\post\PostAction->update(…)
    6. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/data/AbstractDatabaseObjectAction.class.php (204): call_user_func(…)
    7. /home/artofw8/public_html/community/lib/data/post/PostAction.class.php (2103): wcf\data\AbstractDatabaseObjectAction->executeAction(…)
    8. [internal function] (?): wbb\data\post\PostAction->save(…)
    9. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/data/AbstractDatabaseObjectAction.class.php (204): call_user_func(…)
    10. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/action/AJAXProxyAction.class.php (74): wcf\data\AbstractDatabaseObjectAction->executeAction(…)
    11. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/action/AJAXInvokeAction.class.php (104): wcf\action\AJAXProxyAction->invoke(…)
    12. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/action/AbstractAction.class.php (47): wcf\action\AJAXInvokeAction->execute(…)
    13. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/action/AJAXInvokeAction.class.php (63): wcf\action\AbstractAction->__run(…)
    14. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/request/Request.class.php (83): wcf\action\AJAXInvokeAction->__run(…)
    15. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/request/RequestHandler.class.php (94): wcf\system\request\Request->execute(…)
    16. /home/artofw8/public_html/community/index.php (9): wcf\system\request\RequestHandler->handle(…)
    Error Message
    SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 126 Incorrect key file for table './artofw8_artofwar/wbb1_post_search_index.MYI'; try to repair it
    File (Line)
    /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/database/statement/PreparedStatement.class.php (93)
    1. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/database/statement/PreparedStatement.class.php (93): PDOStatement->execute(…)
    2. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/search/mysql/MysqlSearchIndexManager.class.php (28): wcf\system\database\statement\PreparedStatement->execute(…)
    3. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/search/AbstractSearchIndexManager.class.php (22): wcf\system\search\mysql\MysqlSearchIndexManager->add(…)
    4. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/search/SearchIndexManager.class.php (110): wcf\system\search\AbstractSearchIndexManager->set(…)
    5. /home/artofw8/public_html/community/lib/data/post/PostAction.class.php (542): wcf\system\search\SearchIndexManager->set(…)
    6. [internal function] (?): wbb\data\post\PostAction->update(…)
    7. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/data/AbstractDatabaseObjectAction.class.php (204): call_user_func(…)
    8. /home/artofw8/public_html/community/lib/data/post/PostAction.class.php (2103): wcf\data\AbstractDatabaseObjectAction->executeAction(…)
    9. [internal function] (?): wbb\data\post\PostAction->save(…)
    10. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/data/AbstractDatabaseObjectAction.class.php (204): call_user_func(…)
    11. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/action/AJAXProxyAction.class.php (74): wcf\data\AbstractDatabaseObjectAction->executeAction(…)
    12. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/action/AJAXInvokeAction.class.php (104): wcf\action\AJAXProxyAction->invoke(…)
    13. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/action/AbstractAction.class.php (47): wcf\action\AJAXInvokeAction->execute(…)
    14. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/action/AJAXInvokeAction.class.php (63): wcf\action\AbstractAction->__run(…)
    15. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/request/Request.class.php (83): wcf\action\AJAXInvokeAction->__run(…)
    16. /home/artofw8/public_html/lib/system/request/RequestHandler.class.php (94): wcf\system\request\Request->execute(…)
    17. /home/artofw8/public_html/community/index.php (9): wcf\system\request\RequestHandler->handle(…)
    • Official Post

    Error Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 126 Incorrect key file for table './artofw8_artofwar/wbb1_post_search_index.MYI'; try to repair it

    The table wbb1_post_search_index is damaged, please run this query via phpMyAdmin (or ask your hosting provider for help):

    REPAIR TABLE wbb1_post_search_index;

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