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    WSC looks nice, no doubt about it and one of the reasons I chose the software, but the way forums display information has barely changed in the last 10-15 years. There really needs to be more options to display info, so how about this idea from another forum which uses 10 year old phpBB software

    Could woltlab consider having multiple columns available for the forum index, thread index and perhaps post index too?

    One of my members has a 4k display and they showed me a screenshot of my forum as seen on their display and most of their display shows a lot of blank space and they asked me for a way to fill that space. They were the one who suggested this idea, actually. Because they have a much larger display, they can easily have 2 columns of forums, threads and posts, if not more. Obviously, this could only be dependent on various factors, including display used. It would not be appropriate for smart phones as the writing would be too small.

    Could Woltlab do something like this, but obviously in the lovely Woltlab style:



    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)

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