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    I'm one of the admins of https://monitoring-portal.org which provides a platform for various monitoring tools and integrations. We're currently looking into making it more easy for users to just post their questions. The forum has more of a support character and not necessarily long discussions. It is a "come and go" with certain community members always helping others.

    One of the ideas was to have a dashboard and forum button or form to post the question without navigating into the forum's sub tree. I've seen that in Discourse and I would really love to see it in Woltlab Forum.

    Probably a form overlay would collide with the current layout, but a button and a new page with a form with a sub forum dropdown could do the trick as well. Similar to how you navigate into a Forum an click "New Thread".

    Thanks in advance :)

    Kind regards,


  • Hi,

    you could use my plugin to achieve that in WSC 3.0.

  • I've already suggested it in Quick New Thread in Dashboard

    I hope, the quick new thread will mimic facebook style. User can directly typing thread in dashboard.


    But you didn't post it in the suggestions forum.

    I fully agree with you, by the way.

    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)

  • that thread was from WSC beta site, I think it was in suggestion, but merged in different forum of this site.

  • I would like to devlop this idea further put forward by dnsmichi and zukro.

    I have a general chat thread called "The Endless Thread". Some members have asked for live chat, I'm not so sure, but that thread was created to put anything and everything into it.

    Via the Dashboard, I would like there to be a box looking similar to this:

    But instead of saying "reply to this thread" I would like it to say "Chat here!" or something similar. I would like the box linked to my Endless Thread, so when anyone posts something in the "char here" box, it gets posted into the Endless thread.

    Young users of Facebook and other social media, have no clue or understanding about a forum tree structure, nor do they care. This could be a "gentle" way to introduce them to a forum and give them a social media type experience.

    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)

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