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  • I'm not sure how this will benefit anyone but the article creators, but for me, it's easier to save the money and just not bother reading the article. lol. Site owners can obviously hire professional writers to write articles for their sites, but what if the user copies and pastes random free articles from online somewhere and users pay to view articles that are online freely... I'd be pissed. Plus, I'm the type of person that could give a damn about reading articles and you couldn't pay me enough to sit and read articles all day, much less shell out money to read them. lmao

    Edit: Damn, I wasn't quick enough, I was going to delete my post here and include a deletion note "No value, but this is a teaser, you could pay me to read the whole post..."

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  • We can have paid users and give them access to article but it is not good. Because new users like to read our demo contents and if they like it buy full article.

    I think it is good idea.

  • That would better done using paid subscription, I think. You can allow access only to a particular user group associated with payment.

    Smile , it's good for health

  • Temp solution would be Viecode shop (take various payment methods not just PayPal and handles premium memberships) in conjunction with Viecode Lexicon, and only allowed paid user groups to access the Lexicon, while your demo contents are created within WSC. Then just link to the full article that's located in the Lexicon with note saying in order to view the full article they need to purchase a premium membership (which can be linked to from demo content to the Shop).

    Edit: Note; I've been working on phrase adjustments again in 4.1/2.1 products (which will most likely carry over to WSC) and anything "Blog Article" or "Blog Articles" will become "Blog Entry" and "Blog Entries". Because there are articles in WSC now and Lexicon is specifically created for Articles. It would be mass confusion with 3 products dealing with Articles.

    Edit 2: Nevermind about the articles becoming entries and etc, I was made a fool... They had to revert some of that stuff back to keep "Articles" and "Article". Of course this isn't technically right either, because Blog is nothing more than a Journal that you put entries in...

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