Blue ring around notification on mobile

  • How can we get rid of the blue ring around the notification in mobile view ? Can anyone share with the custom css ?

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  • It should use the proper color automatically, unless you have set the colors manually through CSS instead of using the color palette. I read a post by you the other day where you admitted this, but this also means that the variables (which are used to create consistent colorings) are out of sync.

  • If you have some spare minutes, simply open your page in a new window and have it side-by-side with the ACP style editor. Then quickly copy & paste over the color schema and once it is in sync, everything should work just fine. Bonus points for having consistent styles, as third party plugins also make use of these variables to ensure a consistent color schema.

  • Just edit the color palette and set the same colors as you've previously set via CSS. The variables are used both by the core stylesheets as well as by all other styles, including those that come with plugins. Unless really necessary, you should avoid manually assigning colors via CSS selectors if there is already a variable in place.

  • This way of editing is very easy compared to ACP pallete.

    I was able to simulate mobile view in Firefox and then fix the issue using custom css.


    Smile , it's good for health

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