ACP: Processing Categories, Forums, Permissions NOT consistant

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    WoltLab Suite Core

    In establishing Categories and Forums - and the setting of Permissions, etc., etc. - I noticed that NOT all pages within this operation are consistent.

    Some of these go to the TOP of the page I am working on, some do NOT.

    In a new Version Release of Woltlab Core 3.0.3, perhaps this could be made so that ALL steps in establishing Categories, Forums, and giving Permissions to,

    can be made consistent, e.g. so that EACH step in the process takes one to the TOP of the page.:)

    Woltlab Forum Designers: Thank you for your consideration on this issue.



    With having worked much more on my Forum than when this was first posted, I see the "up arrow" at the right bottom corner - indeed

    it gets me back up to the top of the page! So please excuse what I said in first posting about this issue.

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