• We’re looking to add a Forum feature for premium users and provide a seamless experience (e.g. once they login to the app, they’re automatically logged in to the forum as well). We don’t have a forum software yet and that’s one of the things we’re looking into.

    Do you provide an SDK/API that we can use so we can build out a forum feature right inside our app without having to take the user to a different app?

  • I am not sure about SDK login or anything like that but Woltlab offers LDAP feature.

    You could also create an external login.

    unfortunately I cannot find any english documentation on that.

    Login auf Website

    This might help out using google translator.

    If not, maybe Marcel Werk or Alexander Ebert would know if thats possible.

    maybe even SoftCreatR who worked extensively for the forum app software tapatal

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