third party login in register box

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    WoltLab Suite 3.0

    how to show third login party (facebook twitter etc) in register box?

  • I don't believe you can provide registration services on behalf of third party companies. Instead what I would do is connect the third party service. When they "Log in," they're sent to that third party service, the following will happen:

    1. They are prompted to log in. Once they are logged in, it proceeds to item 2.

    2. They are prompted to provide consent for your forum to use their account. Once they have given consent (or if they have in the past), it proceeds to item 3.
    3. They are sent back to your forum with a valid login token as handled by the WoltLab third-party login service.

    What I would do is disable registration entirely and then change the language template on the log in box to something similar to "Log In / Sign Up." The login page will allow them to log in using the connected third party services, which to a normal user tells them that they can also use that third party service to register.

    Handling registration with your own federated service is quite a bit different though and I won't cover that here (as I'd only be able to give a very cursory explanation).

  • how to show third login party (facebook twitter etc) in register box?

    You can copi and edit (boxRegisterButton-templates)

    Norwegian language files to (WSC 5.2 + 5.3 and The New WSC 5.4 + 5.5 ) *no.xml* Unofficial Language Packs

  • Check the acp, go to manage phrases. Type the phrases into the content box and click search. The text string should appear and you can easily modify as you please. Make sure to tick the checkbox use own and then it should work.

    I went to ACP>Manage Phrases and typed into the Content Box: Login or register.

    But I get the message "there are no items at the moment"

    In the "Category Box", of the drop down item list, what specific item should I click on?

    I tried two in that drop down list of items that I thought pertained to what I am looking for, but as I said, the message is there are no items.

  • wcf.user.loginOrRegister is the variable and i see it in the manage phrase

    Thanks marcbelgique.

    I will log in there and try to make the change I want.

    It is not a major issue by any means; its just that I desire for things to be as correct, neat, or efficient looking/working as possible.


  • wcf.user.loginOrRegister is the variable and i see it in the manage phrase

    Well ... I looked and looked in Manage Phrases; I do not see what you are showing in your attachment (which you have in Post #9 above this post).

    I am wondering if perhaps we are talking about two different areas that the word "register" appears (and which I want to change that lower

    case "r" to an upper case "R"?

    The lower case "r" I want to change is located at the TOP Bar area of my forum, to the extreme right side (as is the case in this Woltlab forum also).

    It shows "Login or register"; and just a little bit further to the right is the search symbol to click on for searching.


  • I just looked over your screen shots.

    Screen Shot 6 and 12: I do NOT see these boxes / text when I am logged into Manage Phrases.

    All I can access is: wcf.user.login > and clicking on that opens up several entries; but in those entries which show / display, there is NO entry

    showing a text area which matches what you show in Screen Shots 6 and 12.


  • teamviewer is a program for remote control of your computer , look in google

    OK, got it!

    I found where to make the changes - on Page 39 of Manage Phrases (in case anyone else would like to know).

    On my Forum it now shows "Login or Register" instead of "Login or register"


  • Perfect! Usually you don't have to go to through all the different pages. Use the filter to get to the phrases you need way quicker

    I could not get the "filter" to work for me - kept saying "there are no items" - so that's WHY I went the "long route".

    Besides, the experience gave me an appreciation for the amount of work that goes into putting together (designing) forum software!

    There is one more thing I want to modify - and I thought it would be located in the Manage Phrases section but cannot find it. Perhaps

    you know where it is? See my Screen Shot.


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