• WoltLab Suite was first recommended to me on another site, i have to admit i was somewhat skeptical, glowing reports are often biased and unfounded. So nearly two weeks after installing the new beta, and in a position where we are actively looking for a solution, i am scratching my head a bit!

    The reason for the head scratching, is down to trying really hard not to like the software, you see i championed the buying of Xenforo. I agreed to try out WoltLab thinking the trial would be swift, I had expected to find fault with it and build a case for xenforo.

    The truth is i cant find fault! The software does everything we want and some in reserve, it comes with a nice basic design, and hopefully once i get the hang of it i should be able to customize it. I have given up trying to dislike it, i have given up pushing for Xenforo. Who needs 'nodes'? I get a bit niggled with something that calls every element a node, normal people dont talk like that, do they?

    So will i be buying it? Well it will depend on the price, but i think with the right pricing strategy WoltLab will really take off, i think once more people get to use it and see it, the more will want it. I base this on the fact i was told to try it out, "you wont regret it" i was told. They were right, i dont regret it and i can see us using it for a long time.

  • I left xenforo and overall been satisfied with WoltLab Burning Board, just as you have. You'll find that WoltLab is more affordable too. There is no monthly or yearly renewal fees and you continue to receive free upgrades. For example, 4.0 was released back in 2014 and today, nearly 3 years later, they're still releasing free upgrades without any additional cost https://community.woltlab.com/thread/251271-…day-2016-10-18/ If I had stayed with xenforo I would have wasted $220 while with WoltLab I paid my original $90 and never had to pay another dime since, unless I want to upgrade to the next major release.

    I've saved myself both time and money switching to WoltLab Burning Board :)


    Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (1607.14393.447) - 64bit

    Windows 7 Enterprise (6.1 build 7601 : Service Pack 1) - 64bit

    Windows XP Professional (5.1 build 2600.xpsp_sp3_qfe.161003-1531 : Service Pack 3) - 32bit

    VOJ320F1A on NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 (1GB DDR3)

    Screen Resolution:1920px x 1080px

    AMD Athlon II X4 630 (2.8 Ghz)

    8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 Ram

  • regarding to the price, woltlab is the most realistic choice to upgrade from free forum script.

    So, I think woltlab make a good pricing strategy that can "catch" all those who unsatisfied of free forum script, and ready to upgrade.

  • I'm really impressed with your objective kind of arguing, guys. :)

    Don't get me wrong, I'm "just" a regular user, don't belong to one "party" (meaning being a designer, developer, adminstrator and either strongly in favor of or against any kind oft software) and so I can afford being really relaxed regarding WSC, xenForo, IPS etc. However, I'm always sceptical and simply don't like people who just blindly support one type of software because they started out with one type. So, they started out with software X and thus, will never ever think outside the box as that would mean for them a kind of loss of face. If people consciously say "THAT's my software becaue of...", I'm glad for them and don't feel the need to say "Never, that software is crap". In the end people should decide based on their needs, their project and wallet, not because e.g. they love or hate the developing team behind a software and read reviews that are either too positive or negative.

    Accordingly, I was quite interested to read the comments by all the users who actually worked wie xenForo, IPS or even vB. I hoped that these people would really test WSC in an extensive and maybe not too objective manner, allowing other testers and the WoltLab team to thoroughly discuss features and maybe allowing for gaining constructive update-material. Me, as one user, I hoped to read possibly different kinds of feedback, maybe even more critical ones, which I don't consider as simply bad, wrong or the like, but well, any feedback can trigger thinking and discussing.

    Maybe I'm too neutral and can't get the real deal behind people fighting over "important" issues like the type of button and whether the smilies are lovely or hateful ;), but I do understand that it's essential to discuss any kind of software in an open-minded way. It's software, not religion or politics, the people developing a software invite all people to explicitly test their products, get in touch with them and see whether that product is the one you can work with or not. If so, welcome to the community; if not, sorry, but there's other software and maybe it'll suit better. No matter which case, one can always re-test a software, discuss with the community and see what's maybe in store.

    Based on that line of thinking, I did have a look at xenForo 2, as I also tested xenForo 1 right after it got public. I love testing different products you don't have any opinion on, you just go there, test it and try to get a grip on the underlying logic. In order to not start comparing to much, I tested xenForo 2 like a new products and I liked some aspects quite a lot, could work with the demo rather fluently and enjoyed seeing the constructive discussion by the community. I wasn't sure whether to participate in the discussions because I can't gauge whether the team and community would be absolutely relaxed if I said that I'm part of a community running with WBB, but well, I'm itching to ask them lots of questions. ^^

    So, great to read all your impressions in such a nice and impartial way. :) In case I'll get verbally abused or even expelled by the xenForo-community, I'll let you know and offer a piece of advice, namly: never ever go there without being armed with missiles, aspirin and cookies. ^^ If you all and other xenForis want to join the WBB-community, never forget to offer coffee (most people are as addicted as me), cakes are also welcomed (chocolate is the best) and if you want to have fun, do start a discussion like "What kind of hoster do you prefer?" I'll bet it'll take just 6 threads until people are shouting their heads of, offering loads of examples and on page 4 nobody even knows anymore what the original question was about, but hey, what was that movie like yesterday? :D

  • I was told pricing wasnt sorted out yet, thats why i said it would depend on the price. If its in the current ball park then its a no brainer. Xenforo has offered me a 'slightly' longer trial of xenforo, but to be honest anything less than two weeks in no good to me, i have a normal day job i dont have time to spend 12 hours on software a day.

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