avatar - cannot dismiss notice

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core

    The file size dimensions are currently 128x128, but if you upload something smaller, say for example 125x125, you get a notice telling you

    "The avatar dimensions are under the allowed minimum dimensions."

    Which is to be expected (it works by design). However, upon receiving this notice, if you upload the correct file size, you'll discover that sometimes nothing happens. The notice remains and your new avatar is not displayed. Only a page refresh or navigating away, then back... Resolves it.

    This is not easy to reproduce and it only happens, sometimes (reasons unknown). As such I do not see it as a problem (non-critical) and only an occasional annoyance. But thought to report it, just the same.

  • Same here. I am stuck with Gravtar. :(

    Refresh the page, then upload an avatar of the correct size, and that should resolve it.

    I have not encounted anything that would keep your "stuck" with Gravtar, only the mild annoyance of the page not changing after taking a new action.

    If you truly cannot do anything at all... You may have encountered a different (and more severe) issue. In which case, please open a new thread to report it and please be as detail as possible.

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