• I can share the thoughts many of you have written the last posts, I don't like the new design either. But design is a thing you could change within a few hours of work or let someone do this for you, what matters is what the system can deliver, if they are about their 3rd-party developers and how fast you can get updated versions of popular plugins for your xF 2.0 system.

    I don't have an active license over there at the moment, but what I can see from the announcement threads for the developer previews brings me a smile in the face, for example this, please take a look onto the linked XenForo.com site to see the screenshots :D

    The 'post new quick thread' system debuted with DP9 has been scrapped in favour of a new 'Quick Thread' feature, which places a thread title prompt at the top of forum pages. Clicking in the box opens a message editor, along with any compulsory custom fields and CAPTCHA systems. Submitting the new thread from here creates a new entry in the thread list, without redirecting you to view the thread content of what you have just posted. Alternatively, clicking the 'More Options...' button opens the full editor, with the already-completed fields populated and ready to go. Clicking the close gadget cancels the process.

    I am pretty sure when they come a little bit nearer to a stable release, there will be an option to get your own demo instance and I surely will play around with that. Taking a look over to the other systems what they have to offer is always great to get on cool ideas, thoughts and maybe do better.

  • In my opinion, neither WoltLab nor IPB nor XF2 have a very pretty default style. But then again, the uglier the default style is, the more variety you get on the internet because administrators will make a better theme.

    I kinda like many of XF2's ideas tho... For example quick threads.


    • 18.02.2022 19:14 CET: Erste PWA installiert (und es war ausgerechnet YouTube Music)

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