Color palette issues

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core

    There are a few issues with the color palette:

    Sometimes clicking on "SUBMIT" keeps you on the Color Palette page when your changes are saved, and sometimes clicking on "SUBMIT" takes you to the Data page after your changes have been saved.

    It is not possible with the Color Palette to change the background hover color for .wbbBoardList .wbbBoardContainer .tabularListRow .calendarWeekDays etc.

    Changes are not being saved when trying to change the color of  $wcfInputDisabledText text.

  • I never had any issues using the Beta 3.1 beforehand saving colour changes. You sure this might not be a Mod Security issue?

    Just saying... never had any issues saving .tabularListRow before? Never tried changing the other ones you mentioned though

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