Draft Saving

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.0

    I know that Woltlab can automatically save draft of posts and threads, but what will happen to that drafts when we clear our browser cookies, cache, and history? will it be preserved? And what happened if there are two drafts in the same forum? Can we access the first draft?

    My suggestion is: Woltlab bring new feature to manually save draft (especially thread draft), just like draft in your email, it is stored permanently and we can access it anytime we want.

  • Drafts are stored in the browser's localStorage which is not affected by cookies or history clearing and is designed to be a persistent storage, as it is kept in between browser sessions. On top of that drafts use identifiers based on the location, that means you can have one draft for new threads per forum as well as one draft per thread.

    Unlike the draft system known from word processors or email clients, this feature is actually designed as a safe-guard to preserve your message in case you close the tab, navigate away or the browser crashes.

  • ok, the thing is, sometimes I want to share some information in my forum, but no time to write a thread right away, so i just make a draft and will come back again to finish it. I don't know with other people, but this feature is quite important for me.

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