Problems when ending a line with "inline code"

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core

    When I use the inline code to add something in it like this gdfgdfgdfgd

    it isn't obvious that you need to click the inline code button again a second time (which I've only just this second spotted you need do) to get the cursor out that box to carry on writing. Up until just now I've been having to switch to HTML mode to get the cursor outside that inline code box and press enter key to carry on writing on a new paragraph line.

  • Inlinecode als Gefängnis

    Editor: Verlassen von Inline-Code

    Cursor bleibt in Inline-Code

    Fortsetzung / Frage zu "Inlinecode als Gefängnis"

    Important is this:

    Verhält sich wie jede Form der Inline-Formatierung, z.B. Fettdruck oder Unterstrichen. Das Verhalten wird in dem Fall vom Browser selbst vorgegeben und entspricht auch dem typischer Textverarbeitungsprogrammen wie bspw. Word.

    It says it acts like every other setting. You click once to start making the text bold/italic/as inline code and if you want to have normal style again you click another time once to stop it.

    He also said the behavior is set by the used browser and is the same like in MS Word (e.g.).

    (You might ask Google if you want to have a full translation.)

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