Smilies are too small for my thumbs

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    WoltLab Suite Core

    using smartphone, it's hard to pick smilies,

    Smilies are too small for my thumbs.

  • Mine are best size with those emoji resized to 23px instead of using 17px smilies - and still work okay at that size with line spacing in text lines (which is bigger text and spacing now used with WBB Suite) compared to WBB 4.1. Here is one included between the line spacing, they suit this flat style look better as well

  • Well I noticed trying them as 22px that the emoji look a little too small and at 24px you can start to see the line spacing increase more noticeable. So ended up making them 23px which seems to work well and looks right size, and they still keep the good quality

  • I actually created a new Page on my DEMO site and added all the smilies and called it Smiley Codes for using in Comments with articles. I did rework the Thumbsup one and give it bigger (taller) thumbs:

    I also used some slightly different smilies than you have here for some of them like KISS, Sick, Blink and Wacko, e.t.c

  • It's included in this pack, as are all the images I used (some of the other smilies are not grouped all together). You have to go through all the images looking for all the smilies:

    You can download them both as SVG and PNG. I simply download both and then dropped the PNG image wanted in the SVG folder so knew which SVG file it was and then used NotePad to change size of SVG from 64px to 23px - opened up SVG file then in Internet Explorer to see smiley image resized and then right click it and saved as PNG to keep quality.

    But see here you use the SVG files which is better than the way I converted them to PNG images.

    The only one that didn't work very well was the ThumbsUp one and couldn't find another image to use for it. So ended up editing that smiley with graphics program making the thumbs stand up bigger - but that is not something you can do loading the SVG's.

    You can see I made the thumbs bigger below, compared to one shown in image above.


  • Seeing they use the SVG as smilies loaded resized, which is better so long as you can add more smilies from that pack as SVG also. Which I created another 35 smilies from that same pack to add extra with default ones (download below) of the extra ones. Might be an idea to drop the Thumbs Up one as you already have Thumb Down and Thumb Up and that Thumbs Up one is the only smiley that doesn't match the default ones used - not if used as SVG (not PNG edited) as the SVG doesn't actually have thumbs sticking up (it's a smiley rubbing his belly). But it's not really needed when already having Thumb Up and Down anyway included.

    I used different smilies from that pack for some that they ended up using here instead. I posted the downloaded in another topic that includes both the default ones in a folder and extra ones in another folder zipped up together. Complete set of default smilies used but as Emoji

    In total about 70 smilies

  • Agree, that smiley used for Thumbs Up isn't working unless you use it as a PNG image and "edit the smiley" to look like it has thumbs up. Not needed when you already have a thumb up and thumb down anyway. I would remove it because there's no good replacement for it from that SVG pack, not if you're using the SVG files as smilies

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    I'm not using SVGs but large PNGs that are suitable for Retina/4k display and down-sized on desktop. They appear as 20 pixel, but are actually 64x64 Pixel right now, still need to figure out which size to use in the end, it all comes down to the different browsers.

  • Ah right, thought you was using the SVG here and resizing them

    still need to figure out which size to use in the end, it all comes down to the different browsers

    Well I'm bias. I think the 20px I'm seeing now used here is too small. But that's just me and prefer them being at least bumped up to 22px in size to look better quality and better match the larger size of font used here now, I'm even getting away using 23px on my demo site with text-line spacing. But that's just me and viewing them on a PC desktop and have no idea how they'd work on other devices like you say

  • So what's the score with full-size smiley used on Recent Activities and in Comments box used on pages. Have they just not been resized yet or what? =O

  • These are Twemoji

    Yeah, sorry I don't like them so small at 20px. They just don't look right to me and should be at least 22px

    But I was talking about the 64px smilies now displayed on profile posts and in comments box. They are huge! I'm curious asking if this planned to stay that way?

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