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    WoltLab Suite 3.0

    I think it will attract more members to post a thread, if there is a Quick New Thread form in Dashboard, so members don't have to visit certain forum to post a thread.

    They just type in Dashboard, select the forum using <select> dropdown and then press SUBMIT.

  • facebook group is really killing forum because of it's easyness to post.

    It is true what you said. Facebook group can get popular more easily than a forum. But more than easiness to post, it is easier to get members to a group due to in house promotion by Facebook. And also the ease to share, invite members.

  • Unfortunately, I see that too

    As others have said, the groups created are growing off the back of Facebook itself helping promote them. With billions on users on facebook it's no real wonder they are taking over from running a solo forum. You can't compete against that.

  • Unfortunately, I see that too..

    Fortunatley, i don't. I'ts good to have users that see that facebook is no forum.

    Meine Beiträge stellen - sofern nicht ausdrücklich anders gekennzeichnet - ausschließlich meine subjektive und aus Erfahrung und / oder Reflexion gewonnene Meinung dar und sind nicht als Fakten zu verstehen. Meinungen sind persönliche Ansichten und benötigen keine Belege. In Deutschland gilt nach Artikel 5 des Grundgesetzes Meinungsfreiheit. Meine Beiträge stellen keine Rechtsberatung dar, hierzu bin ich nicht befugt.

  • But I give all credit to Facebook as a platform even though groups offer mediocre features.

    I think it's only a matter of time, until facebook group has features on par with forum software.

    They add new good features time to time.

    Back to topic, I hope it's not that hard for Woltlab team to implement the feature that let member to post a thread directly from Dashboard. Just my 2 cents

    wbb quick new thread.jpg

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