Questions and Answers not working

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core

    Added a question and answer to use for captcha, selected it as choice for using instead of Google reCaptcha and no settings are then displayed to it show it on registration page, search page, etc. Looked at registration page itself and no Q/A displayed

  • At first when you install the framework and reCaptcha is default with 3 out 4 option boxes ticked yes. At first I set it to use no options, all 4 boxes disabled and picked use no Captcha. Then I added some Q/A and selected use Questions as Captcha method and none of the 4 boxes to tick was shown. I just enabled reCaptcha method instead again to get the 4 boxes shown and ticked 3 of them back yes and saved it, Now when switching to Q/A instead the 4 boxes show.

    So it seemed to happen at first because I disabled all 4 option boxes and picked used No Captcha. Then after adding a Question and picking Q/A as captcha method no 4 boxes was being shown with it at first to pick No or Yes

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