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    WoltLab Suite 3.0


    maybe i'm wrong, but, i would see theses two following things added to the article system :

    1. List all comments in ACP, to be able to manage them easily.

    2. Possibility to add some user fields in articles comments, just like WordPress, and others CMS do, for example :

    - Email field

    - Website Field

    What do you think about it, and would it be possible to add this ?

    Thanks :)

  • 1. List all comments in ACP, to be able to manage them easily.

    Hi, nobody's interested with that idea ?

    Correct ;)

    The first thing for me does not matter at all. I will use the WBB connection for articles and disable the article comment function So that comments are simple replies to threads.

    Windows 10

    Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71

  • Unfortunately, you are right :)

    However the idea is interesting i think, because it's used for general commenting systems, like on WordPress..

    So in WBB we'll be limited to just a field and the username..

    If everybody is OK for that.. :)

  • So in WBB we'll be limited to just a field and the username..

    And that is the main reason for the WSC comment system. They do not want to bloat it with anything else.

    It is different when you use for example the method I explained above

    Windows 10

    Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71

  • I am also not interested in this. ?

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  • Being able to add a custom field extra to articles would be useful, yes.

    At the minute though I'd far sooner see the permission added to moderate guest comments. It was lacking in WBB 4.1 and seems missing again from permission which I thought was going to be added now for guest comments. So you still only have the option of allowing unmoderated guest comments for Articles and Page Comments

  • The problem I'm seeing with Comments is that there is no guest "moderate comment" permission that can be used. If you allowed guest comments you'll quickly run into a nightmare situation. Testing posting comments on articles as a guest (guest comments are not being grabbed to Recent Activities) on Dashboard. So you have no real way of keeping track of where any guest comments was made if lets say you have 50 articles listed and wanted to allow guest comment, and that is not even counting any custom pages you might add with comments box used on it as well not grabbed to recent activities

    Not only can guest comments not be "moderated comments", but you cannot even keep track of last guest comments posted across the site displayed on Dashboard under Recent Activities. That makes it impossible to allow guest comments across articles. They need to add an option so guest comments can be moderated, thought it so called being done with WBB Suite anyway after it being lacking with Blog, FileBase and Gallery add-ons for WBB 4.1 and brought up about it being needed before?

  • "moderate comment" will be added with wsc3.1 so again one version without it :(

    As far as i'll understand WoltLab at that time the complete comment system will be overhould so maybe then extra feelds will be added (the comment system used is in every application the same).

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