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    How can we disable signature completely for certain usergroup? As in ACP there's only Maximum Signature Length, which 100 is the smallest value.

  • I think that this is something that couldn't be done within the system. I didn't find an option for that. You may lock down the signature for special users within the user's settings.

    [FFW] Patric made a plugin for approval on signatures and avatars for WCF 2.x, maybe he knows if there is a technical solution to disable this for special user groups (maybe a cronjob that reads all the users from a special group and locks down their signatures). You can find the plugin here:

  • well, that a letdown, actually signature become one that I sell in paid subscriptions. VIP usergroup can show their signature, regular member can not. And to manually block signature per user basis is really pain in the as*.

    Hope Woltlab teams can tweak something here, for example let Maximum Signature Length to set in zero value.

    Thanks JayOnRails for the recomendation.

    Could you move this thread to suggestion forum Andrea Berg

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