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    I think that long text is quite distracting when reading someone post. I suggest to change that sentence to simpler word, eg: edited, a sign that the post has been edited by someone, and then, we can use tooltip to provide more information, when edited is hovered.

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  • Yeah, I agree, it is a bit distracting when reading posts. Maybe something like such, but of course using the pencil icon would be confusing because users might think anyone could edit the posts. Maybe another icon to represent "editing/edited" could be used for posts that had been edited, and it would only display there if the posts were edited. When hovering over that icon it would do a tool tip.

    There shouldn't really be anything under the post's text/content because it's distracting /catches your eye and makes it cluttered. Could also just use the smaller (grey) version of the icon itself down in the left corner where the "likes/dislikes" icon is at and when hovering over it, it does tool tip. And again, only displays if it's been edited, just like posts that get likes/dislikes will only display if they receive them. If they don't get any, it doesn't display it.

    Maybe someone would be nice enough to make a plugin for this for current Suite version... :P

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