Trying to get property of non-object When a user try to login

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.0
    Requested URL
    Error Message
    Trying to get property of non-object
    File (Line)
    /var/www/vhosts/ (294)
    1. /var/www/vhosts/ (695): wcf\system\WCF::handleError(…)
    2. /var/www/vhosts/ (734): wcf\system\WCF::setLanguage(…)
    3. /var/www/vhosts/ (47): wcf\system\session\SessionHandler->changeUser(…)
    4. /var/www/vhosts/ (61): wcf\form\LoginForm->save(…)
    5. /var/www/vhosts/ (146): wcf\form\AbstractForm->submit(…)
    6. /var/www/vhosts/ (112): wcf\acp\form\LoginForm->submit(…)
    7. /var/www/vhosts/ (67): wcf\form\AbstractForm->readData(…)
    8. /var/www/vhosts/ (226): wcf\form\AbstractCaptchaForm->readData(…)
    9. /var/www/vhosts/ (268): wcf\acp\form\LoginForm->readData(…)
    10. /var/www/vhosts/ (97): wcf\page\AbstractPage->show(…)
    11. /var/www/vhosts/ (66): wcf\page\AbstractPage->__run(…)
    12. /var/www/vhosts/ (83): wcf\acp\form\LoginForm->__run(…)
    13. /var/www/vhosts/ (94): wcf\system\request\Request->execute(…)
    14. /var/www/vhosts/ (9): wcf\system\request\RequestHandler->handle(…)

    How do I fix it?

  • On the first look, it's look like something with your translation went wrong(The Suite can't set the language id to the one you've requested(or set in your settings)). Maybe try the english language?

  • it's strange, I switch on english and the error is the same present.

    EDIT: I tried to deactive the Italian language and set by default English language, but the error continue. It is the same with deactive the English and set by default Italian language.

    EDIT2: The error is not present for my account. *Administrator*

    EDIT3: And the error is not present for new user.

    EDIT 3 PROBLEM IS FIXED: e problem was given by the transition from wbb4.1.2 to wsc3. The ID of language is different and for this reason there was the error.

    For fix the problem i go to the db and run this query:

    UPDATE `wcf1_user` SET `languageID`= 2

    Where "2" is the ID of Italian language ;)

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