Adding snow fall to forum

  • Dilip,

    Copy the contents off this…/jquery.snow.js to NotePad and save it as "All Files" and name it "jquery.snow.js", upload the js file to your server's root folder.

    Next you need to create a template group for your style, in your ACP go to Appearance > Templates > Add Template Group. You can name your new template group anything you like, then click "Submit".

    After creating the template group, in your ACP go to Apperance > Templates > List Templates, search for "footer" and then click on the Copy Template icon. The footer template will appear on the next page and there you will pick "SnowFall" (or whatever you named your new template group) and in the template under <!-- JAVASCRIPT_RELOCATE_POSITION --> you will add:

    <script src="jquery.snow.js"></script>
    <script data-relocate="true">
        $(document).ready( function(){

    So it looks like this:

    After you click "Submit", in your ACP got to Appearance > Styles > Add Style, create a new style and assign the "SnowFall" template group to it where it says "Template Group", like so:

    After you click on "Submit" you can choose the style and you should see snow falling on it.

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