• That's difficult because you need to create a div right after the body-tag and close it right before the closing body-tag. The problem is, that the body tag is opened and closed in every single page's template which would cause much work.
    Replacing the #snow with body would work, but you're already using a background image, which would disappear in that case.
    Due the fact it's basically CSS only you could ask your style creator which parts of the style might be a problem.
    And I don't have another good idea how to insert a div-tag easily and without causing problems.

    Maybe you want to use this plugin:
  • I have already done this, with this style

    October 30, 2016 at 11:44 PM

    Dilip, you can add <div id="snow"> to the top of the header template, and </div> to the bottom of the footer template. Then add the CSS to your style's Advanced Settings CSS field... or you could just download my style and use it :P .

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