[Tutorial] Custom Footer Lines

  • How to make changes to the footer...

    • Log in to your ACP
    • Navigate to Appearance -> Templates -> List Templates
    • If you are using a forum theme, select that theme in the Template Group dropdown (if available) and press "Submit"
    • Click "+ Add Template"
    • Give it a name, like "MyCopyright"
    • In the code, add the following. Please note that this is copied from Lucent, so your particular theme may use different classes. I would compare with your existing footer code.
      <address class="copyright marginTop">
      <!-- Links, images, text, etc. -->
    • Click "Submit"
    • Return to the Template List
    • If you are using a theme, search for that theme's "Footer" template and edit it. If not, clone the existing WoltLab footer template so you can edit it.
    • In the footer code, find the following lines and make the appropriate change...
    <div class="footerContent">
         {event name='footerContents'}
         {if ENABLE_BENCHMARK}{include file='benchmark'}{/if}
         {event name='copyright'} <!-- Woltlab Copyright. Do NOT remove this line unless you've paid the branding removal fee. Removal of the line may cause issues. -->
    +    {include file='MyCopyright' application="wcf"}

    Assuming you have correct HTML code in your "MyCopyright" template, or whatever you called it, you should now be able to see it displayed along with the copyright line.

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