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    Now, if the picture between img bbcode is small no resize , if the picture is bigger , the pictures are resize with a loop

    but many user use the loop on the first picture , see all the pictures of the page and don't see the small picture....

    it is possible now to add a width at the bbcode but if i add a width to resize , i don't have the loop.

    if i have understand , the resize use the screen width , thus in small screen all the pictures are resize on large screen no image are resize.

    It is not possible to have a picture height and a picture width max and thus all the picture are resize if the size is more and it is more pleasant to see all the picture with the same size on forum (in my forum , all pictures must have 1200 pixels minimum with a max of 5000 pixel for panorama)

    (it is the same with attachment full image)

  • Ok and this?

  • we are on a photographic forum , it is not interesting to scale a picture , we want to see with the loop the maximum details , i want to resize a panoramic picture about 5000 px to forum view but with the loop we can see the full picture and see if there are a problem or see the details but not scale this picture to 1024 px and don't see anything . We have a lot of pictures from 6000px * 4000px and now 8000*6000 , resize to 1024px it is a good idea five years ago but today with a resize you don't have any idea if the lens is good.

    a 6000px *4000px it is possible to have a idea of the clearness but if you scale to 1024px it is impossible.

    with css max-width , height auto I can resize the picture for forum view but i don't have the loop ....for img bbcode .

    css max-width , height auto works fine with attachment full image , we have the loop .

    today i don't use gallery bbcode because it is not possible to have a resize picture , it is only a crop of the picture , it is a problem too for a photographic forum, make a crop of a landscape it is a problem , if the user don't use the loop.

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