Demo down all day

  • I've been trying to access the demo since this morning and I have been getting the offline page all day. I couldn't find anywhere else to ask or report this so I am forced to make this thread here. Is there any official statement on the demo downtime and when it will be back up?

    Thank you.

  • @Alexander Ebert I have been getting this page since I first tried accessing any demo. I might be forced to just take the plunge without first getting familiar with it as I have enough trust in the community's feedback on Woltlab. :P But it would be nice if I could access it. I've tried with two different emails so far. That's strange if nobody else is having trouble with accessing the demo


  • Hey @Zone,

    there was indeed a misconfiguration that dropped certain connections for no reason, I have fixed that issue and the demo should be available to you now.

    I have extended both demos by 5 more days to compensate for the unavailability.

    Thank you for taking your time to report this issue to us and enjoy the demo :)

  • Hey @Zone,

    thank you again for taking your time to bring this up. Unfortunately I knew exactly what was going wrong the second I read your post, eventually making my face go from skin colored to red and back again ;) Anyway, I've fixed the issue and pushed the new configuration, it might take up to 15 minutes before everything is updated and the connection is reestablished.

    Thanks for your patience and have a good one :)

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