Problem with Search. Two examples given

  • I've had problems with Search not finding results. Example:

    Search target (on same page that I'm searching from) I am searching for Welcome to ICOM

    search result1

    Now I add just one quote in front of search term.

    now works

    So I have users on two different forum that complain about search not working. I'm sure that they do not know to add the quotation before the search terms. But how do I fix this?

    You can try for yourself at my site

    Thank you!

  • Another example.

    Search title for nearly 100 and returns NO results even though that is exact title

    But search just 100 and it returns results

  • That's what I don't understand. I my example, when searching (with no quotes) '100' returned results and 'nearly 100' did not, even though it's an exact match.

    The problem I'm having is that the search does not seem to work correctly. If you search and exact thread title but do not use quotes, then it will not return any results. Not many people are going to quote a thread title exactly when they're trying to find a thread.

    The search works normally on this forum, but not on mine.

    Just trying to figure this out.

    • Official Post

    There are two settings that interfere with your search term:

    • Minimum word length: ft_min_word_len defaults to 4 and can only be changed for the entire server, words below this limit are ignored
    • Stopwords: MySQL has a fixed set of stopwords (that again can only be changed server-wide), matches are removed from the query, see…n/fulltext-stopwords.html

    Your example nearly 100 triggers both restrictions, nearly is a stopword and 100 is below 4 characters.

    Quotes are a true game changer as they prevent MySQL from removing terms and causing it to search for that exact occurrence. Unfortunately this isn't the solution to everything because it requires the terms to appear in that exact order with nothing in between, it is in fact a literal search.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Oh, thank you for explaining that! I really appreciate that you took the time to clearly explain that for me.

    I do wonder why '100' by itself returns the thread results though. If you search only '100' without quotes, it does find the result.

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