Line breaks, Quotes & Youtube embedding

  • Was hoping BB would run properly without spending hours tinkering.

    Not sure if I can do what I want to do. Not sure why its difficult either.

    Basically I want to have normal line breaks implement when the enter keyboard button is pressed and when viewing it remains that way.

    I then need to paste a youtube embed link for a youtube video.

    Next I need to be able to have the quotes working and formatting correctly.

    I can not put my finger on it and it has to do with the persmissions for bb and html.

    Can anyone please help me to get this sorted?


  • I think I have solved this.

    Developers please correct this if I am incorrect.

    As an administrator of my forum the permissions I discovered that need to be tweaked was those under the user group everyone not
    administrator for the issue I had.

    Basically just unticked can use html and ticked can use bb codes under message permissions in user group everyone and the youtube link needed is the
    share link not the embed code link.

    By enabling can use html code the youtube share and embed youtube video link both work but you loose the ability to add a line space when you click on the enter
    keyboard key. Have not delved further on this but this solution works fine.

    So in short under the everyone group settings untick can use html, tick can use bb code and only use the youtube sharelink.

    The administrator message settings for this (can use html and bb codes) are not ticked hence this discovery I have made in solving this as my focus all along was
    the settings for the administrator settings. Not sure the need for these under this user group as tinkering with these did not work only under the user group everyone.

    Hope this helps.

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