please help me with 2 templates modification

  • please i want to install Comodo trustlogo inline html codes to both header and body templates for my current default style and to make sure this modification is also applied to any other style i will install in the near future by inserting certain html codes into header and body template (before </HEAD> tag and before </BODY> tag)
    please tell me what to do exactly because iam a newbie to template modification :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    thank you inadvance

  • will this be applied to any style i shall install in the future

    Yes, this is a global setting.

    after applying these html codes to the footer code it only appears in the footer area Not the header or floating when scrolling the page to the right side or the left side of any page

    It does exactly what the code above is supposed to do, it doesn't display anything in the header. In fact they first chunk of code just loads an external JavaScript file, that's why you could safely place it in the footer code because it doesn't need to be in the header (which would also be bad due to loading times).

  • thank you so much for the explaning but why the last install step in the comodo website still not active
    i have to write the html codes to the right html tage in order to successfully install trust logo see screenshot attached

    just to be noted the comodo website says it should be written within html boy and head tags >>>> position :inline

  • just to be noted the comodo website says it should be written within html boy and head tags >>>> position :inline

    First things first, the code that they say must go into the head tag actually can go anywhere as long as it appears before the second code. It doesn't add anything to display, it just provides some basic stuff required for the second code block, so by placing both right after each other you're doing everything right.

    Second the position where it displays matches exactly what you were asking for: It is placed before the end of the body tag (thus at the very end of your page) and it is inline which simply means it will appear in the regular text flow. If you want it to display in any other way, you'll need to either grab a different code (if offered/provided) or manually modify the second code block with the required CSS.

    Since this whole SSL badge thing is barely of any use, I wouldn't waste too much time doing moving it around and stuff. If you really want it to be displayed on your site you might as well keep it where it is. Looks good enough for me and does the job ;)

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