Personal Smileys for members! Smiley management

  • I would like to be able to allow members to upload and select their own smileys. The idea is to allow members of certain groups (paid members maybe) to be allowed to have their own personal smiley section with the ability to upload and delete their own selection of smileys.

    I'm would pay someone to make this happen.

    How hard might this be?

    I've been looking to hire someone to help me make a few custom changes and people have suggested a few members here to contact. I only understand English though.... typical American, lol. Can anyone help me?

    Anyway, I would SO much and forever be in your debt if someone could help me to make this feature happen. Like I said, I'm looking to pay for it. I appreciate the skills and talents so many of you have and I am not a cheapskate, lol.

  • The Woltlab Gallery almost does what I want.

    I'd just like for each user to be able to upload images into their own private area that only they can see and manage, so the Gallery is almost that already. I just want it way stripped down and simple. Just a basic upload dialog box with no input fields for description, just for naming the image. Just a super simple personal interface accessed from the profile for uploading images and putting them into folders that only the user can see and use.

    The way the Gallery works to insert the images into posts is perfect the way it is for what I want.

    So can anyone help me?

    The Gallery is too complicated for what I want and my users don't really want galleries and stuff that they can show off, they just want to be able to have a collection of images they can use as their own "smileys"

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