Just quote the last post and not all the post before it.

  • Ok, dont shoot me for asking this.... I know that the "Awesome Quote" feature lets you pick exactly what you want to quote and I know it allows you to "save quotes" and then put multiple quotes from different areas into your reply...

    However,,,,, I am getting multiple request from a lot of my members that they want to hit the quote button and only quote the last reply... Is there a way I can change the quote button to only include the last reply?

    Here is how bad it is on my forum.....

    Check this PDF file out. Its a printout of 3 pages that is actually ONE POST.....

    quote reply.pdf

  • The quote button under every message quotes the whole message (and therefore other quotes if the message contains some). There is no way to change that behavior.

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  • Lets ask it a different way.... :D :D Is there a plugin or add-on that would let them just quote the last message ?

    Or to truncate the messages behind it down to a one line entry with the ability to expand with a click..

    The reason that this is desperately needed is because on a tablet or phone its almost impossible to highlight and pick the quote option above the highlighted portion..

    Here is an example of what they want... All they have to do is click the quote button and it copies the last users post and not the stuff above it...

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  • Hm, I don't think there's a plugin for that. I can't remember anyone asking for this either ... I think you're the first one. :D

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