AD-Blockers causing huge problems in Forum Java scripts

  • I have many complaints from members that they can't post any answer at the forums - like button which is not visible etc.

    I discover that 100% of all those issues was caused by the use of AD-Blockers.
    When they disable AD-Blockers or white-listing our community all is fine.

    Now the QUESTION.

    Is it possible to find a solution in this ?
    Most of people is using AD-Blockers in their browsers by default, and since this affecting the java of WBB Forums and plugins, I think is necessary to find a proper way to by-pass it.

    Thanks in advance for your help. :thumbup:

  • are you running a 4.0 or a 4.1 forum ?
    There was a problem with the like button runnung adblockers on wbb4.0 but this should be solved with the wbb4.1 as the button has now a wcf prefix, so social share lists don't recognize it any more.
    And can you ask your users what block lists they are running ?
    I'm using an adblocker too, but have no problems with the current version and posts have never been a problem at all, only likes with wbb4.0...

  • I'm running 4.1 forum my friend.

    And I receive many e-mails from members with problems in posting - like etc.
    They told me that Reply Button or like button NOT APPEARING in their browsers.
    When they stop AD-Blockers all problems gone and all working fine.

  • could you try to disable mod_pagespeed to see if there is a correlation between your problem and the optimization mod_pagespeed does ?
    And ask your users to take a look inside their browser console to see if there is any error which explans the problem...

  • Here you are !!!!

    When AD-Blocker is enabled blocking many java scripts from load and execute them.

    Even editor (redactor) is not running .... and the Reply button becomes UNUSABLE.

  • (program):1 Uncaught ReferenceError: mod_pagespeed_v5zN56FTUx is not definedu @ js_defer.-GkJcpjJ0Z.js:4
    (program):1 Uncaught ReferenceError: mod_pagespeed_YCvq1C6bnz is not definedu @ js_defer.-GkJcpjJ0Z.js:4

    Your issues are caused by mod_pagespeed, it seems to have major issues injecting JavaScript code.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • So the problem is combined with Pagespeed mod & advertisement.js+WCF.EACheck.js

    Vip members which have ADS Disabled (Not See ADS) don't have any issue.

    But normal members (advertisement.js+WCF.EACheck.js is loaded) they all have the same issue.

    Now I must find a way to overpass this problem and temporary I had to disable PageSpeed Mod by Google in nginx.

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