Newbie question: How to move posts to different thread?

  • Hi all,

    Sorry to post this BUT I can't find where to go to move a post to a different thread. lol I realize it's probably sitting right under my eyes but I can't see where the option is. I know the group settings are set to allow me to do it.

    Go easy on me, ;) I'm only 3 days in using BB.

  • Mark the posts you would like to move and head over to the destination thread. At the very bottom you'll find a button reading X posts marked, clicking on it opens a dropdown which offers a few options, including moving the posts into the currently viewed thread.

    Keep in mind that the original time these posts were created is not modified, hence they'll be added to the thread and show in chronologically order among all other posts. They do not necessarily get displayed in a row at the end of it.

  • Yeah, I couldn't fathom out at first how you did it.

    But it is pretty good how it's done once you get used to it. You can single out and mass move post to a new topic started easy

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