How to remove/disable fonts ?

  • Thank you for the reply

    Where do you have these errors?

    These are probabely because of customizations which I am doing ...

  • looks like you removed many of the js files loaded by default...
    The font you want to remove is a symbol font which is responsible for your icons in the forum, no good idea to remove it ;)

  • Yes I removed almost all of them for guests only... do you have any idea that how can I solve these errors ?

    And TBH I really do not use these icons in my forum ... and I only want to remove them for guests not logged in users.

    Thank you

  • you maybee not using themn, but the software itself uses them, everywhere...
    And the only solution to get aware of those errors is by don't remove the javascript files in the first place.

  • Thank you for your reply,
    Well, I would rather have a more optimized forum because of SEO purposes by removing these files for guests.

  • what you trying to do is not really a good optimization...
    Sry but removing essential parts of a software seams to be a relly bad idea as the errors won't disappear and may have a much larger negative effect for you.
    If you want to optimize your forum you should better use caching of static files by propper .htaccess rather than removing things partially to get errors...

  • Thank you for you reply,

    You know the definition of "essential" is really different from one forum to another one. In my case I really do not want my pages to get heavy by several js files so guests would be abke to have fancy effects and so on.

    And the same goes for fonts. And please note that I am not just going to remove the font and leave those parts of template which recall font intact... I will tag them with conditional tags... So these parts will be completely different for guests and users.

  • Well, but have you considered that new useres, who found your site by google maybe don't want to join your community becaus the forum doesn't work correktly for them befor they are going to register ?
    I mean it's ok to optimize, but in the end you want to have a good google ranking to grow your community and i think your way won't do the job...
    But to come back, you can't simply remove the font, it is loaded directly by the css files and there is no way to differ guests and members inside css.

  • Thank you for the reply,

    What do you mean by Correctly ???

    The forum forks 100% fine ... you can try it now without any JS files .. you know the url ;)

    I can have different classes for guests and users.. can't I ?

  • try it, but it is used nearly everywhere.
    take a look at /wcf/style/icon.less, this file is later compiled and includet in all your styles so there is no simple way to remove it.

  • Thank you very much Morik ...

    This forum is probabley the best support forum that I have ever used sofar.

    Everyone from users to support team are nice and friendly.

    A big thumbs up for all of you guys....

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