SEO suggestion - Why two H1 tags in thread pages ?

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    I was editing templates related to thread pages and I noticed that there are two H1 tags there in templates ?!!!

    Based on what SEO experts always say about Heading tags , it would be better if we have 1 instance of H1 and then a H2 tag.

    So I think it would be better if you replace the second H1 tag with H2 ...

    Thank you

  • This isn't correct, multiple H1 are allowed if each one of them is within a separate <section> or <article> - which is exactly what we've done.

    This has been explicitly confirmed to be true by Google:

    External Content
    Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent.
    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

  • Exactly ... I did not mean that it is not possible or 100% against SEO recommendations ...

    This is what I mentioned :


    it would be better if we have 1 instance of H1 and then a H2 tag

    I meant It would be better to have the main title tagged with H2 since this is the duplicate of the first H1 tag and does not contain more information about the thread.

  • Ok let me be more specific ,

    Please take a look at this pice of HTML code : (Which I copied from here :…webdesign-16824)

    As you can see the two H1 tags used in this code are different and they are actually providing more info or lets say more about the main TOPICs of the article, but the story here is different and in WBB we do not have two different TOPICs in one thread. So I think if we tag the second heading with H2 it would be more meaningful .

    Thank you

  • Got it! We've changed this with Burning Board 4.2 anyway as it didn't made that much sense at all, so we've already adopted your proposal.

    It sounded to me like you were arguing that we should not use more than H1 which is still still believed by far too many people, but is clearly wrong. I misread your suggestion and incorrectly assumed this was what you were up to - sorry for the confusion ;)

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