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    I have always been a big fan of optimizations in regard of page speed.

    I noticed that there are many *.JS files which are being loaded even for guests which are not really needed in my opinion.

    I think some users and site admins would prefer a better SEO over a (for example) fancy POP-UP for guests. Of course these options are great for user experience but this has meaning when the USER is logged in.

    What I have done to my forums was hiding all *.JS files for guests user group using conditional tags.

    Since not many users are not comfortable editing templates one by one , so having an option like "Disabling Fancy -or- *.js files for Guests User Group" would be a great idea.

    By disabling the JS files I was able to reduce the page load time for a bout 2 seconds.

    Here are the results :

    Thank you

  • I hope oyu did that within the ACP and not the raw files on your FTP.IF you did that on your FTP they might get exchanged with new/fresh files during an update and your modifactions will be lost

    Thank for the heads up :)

    Yeah for sure. I never edit the core files... I worked on a new template group. ;)

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