Getting IP address from shouts in shoutbox

  • Somebody is running an automated script against my shoutbox because I allow guest shouts in it, is there anyway to grab the IP address used to block it making the shouts. I looked in table for shoutbox and shouts listed and see no IP listed against the shouts they come from

  • I'm using the REVO shoutbox, but used other shoutbox yesterday they've been able to do it now with both shoutboxes and if you click my signature link below you can see it happening right now

  • They will just change to something else posted, the link was different used in other shoutbox yesterday. So censoring the link posted won't work really and would be a waste of time doing it, needs to be blocked at IP level

    I have posted the question in both shoutboxes now, seeing as it's happened with both of them and I'm just not seeing how I can get the IP used for shouts

  • i don't have the revo shoutbox, but have you tried to censoring the link that is spammed

    I have just done that though as a tempt measure, it has stopped it for now until they change what gets posted

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