Rename Blog block displayed on Dashboard from News to Blog Articles or Articles

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    You can display the Blog block on Dashboard in main area (not the sidebar), which pulls a set number of Blog entries in it. But notice the title of the blog block displayed is named: News.

    Thing is, you already have another block you can pull topics from forum called News also, which can be displayed on Dashboard in same main area. So you end up with two blocks on dashboard called News. Would it not be better to name the Blog block displayed on Dashboard main area either Articles or Blog Articles. To avoid having two duplicate blocks called News?

    Alternatively, you could title the forum news block (Forum News) and other Blog block (Blog News)

  • I know you can change the phrase, but I'm suggesting they change it in the products to make more sense between each block displayed on dashboard main area. Both being called "News" isn't as good as one being called Blog News and other Forum News. At least then there's a difference with title between both blocks to define them differently from one another

  • You have to change the phrase.

    I've ended up just doing that.

    Blog one: Blog Articles News
    Forum one: Forum Topical News

    Which is what I'd like to suggest they rename both to.

  • What they should/could maybe do is use IF/ELSE statements for the products and have either articles or threads or both pulled into that single box, depending if both are installed or not. Because I noticed this before myself, and didn't make sense.

    Example of what should/could be there...

    [News Box]
    - IF (statement) forum product only activated/installed, pull threads as news.
    - ELSE (statement) forum and blog products are both activated/installed, pull threads and articles as news.
    - ELSE (statement) blog activated/installed as standalone product, pull articles as news.
    [End News Box]

    Then there's no need for two separate "News" blocks (one for threads, one for articles), just have the articles and threads both going into the one News box. That's of course, if it's possible, which I'm not sure...

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