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    Hello, I would like to request the ability to merge user groups together I.E.

    Group 1 has 200 Members
    Group 2 Has 150 Members

    I want to merge group 2 into group 1

    Group 1 now has 350 members (Provided none of the users in Group 1 are also in Group 2)

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    So, basically you only want to "move" the members of group 2 into group 1? Then you can use user bulk processing in the ACP.

    As condition, select Group 2 at User Group(s), as action select Assign To User Group and then at User Group(s) in the action tab, select Group 1.

    After that, every user in Group 2 will also be in Group 1 and you can remove Group 2. Please note however that this does not affect permissions differing between the two groups. They stay unchanged.

    PS: Just as a precaution: If you want to test this, you might want to do so in your test installation to check out if this process results in what you want to achieve :)

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