2.2 Language - Undone/Done > Unresolved/Resolved

  • Should posted this other day when someone sent screen shot of it, but they went with Unresolved/Resolved apparently.. :D I don't download alpha versions and try them out, even though I'm curious as to how they look and etc, cause issues, unstable etc.

    Goes nice with "Unread Posts" though too. Guess this thread could be labeled "Implemented" for 4.2 lol

    Is that the front-end of forum?

  • I think it is (nah, it must be screen of inside a forum cause notice bread crumbs), and made drop menu too.. :)

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  • That is doesn't look like you can use a full-width logo, not looking at that latest screen-shot. But thought I've read the plan was to allowing adding one?

  • You mean, full width of header area (for logo), and since search field there, it's technically not full width (logo)..?

  • Maybe there is still an option for it but didn't use a logo in the other screen-shot? As the logo in the screen-shot above appears to be inserted between the header and navbar - that doesn't interfere with the search box.

  • I'm not sure about full width logo and discussion about it, don't remember seeing discussion for it, maybe one of the developers can elaborate more then. I haven't even tested the 4.2./2.2 alpha either so I wouldn't know.

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