Notification when large amounts of links are being sent

  • Could a plugin be made that would detect a large amount of links being sent in conversation messages? It seems like it would be a very effective way of fighting spam that gets sent via PM's (conversations).

  • possible for sure, but is spam in conversations such a big problem ?
    In my forums there is nearly no spam in conversations as this content is not public, instead they spam in their profile the about me content...

  • possible for sure, but is spam in conversations such a big problem ?

    I have been a member of forums where it was a big problem.

    It would be nice to be notified if I suddenly had one member sending links to my other members through conversation messages.

  • Perhaps, rather than storing information and deciding what constitutes spam, the plugin could have the user enter a captcha for posts or messages until they have at least X posts. I didn't see this in the anti-spam section, but I don't think it'd be terribly hard to create.

    Alternatively, perhaps a plugin could be made that allows the users to do the work of censoring not only spam, but troublesome users. The basic function would be that a forum member marks another member as a spammer or a trouble maker. If enough members do this, the effected member would be "silenced" until a moderator has the chance to deal with whatever the trouble is. With a bit more advancement, some users could have more weight than others when determining how many "votes" it takes to "silence" a member, perhaps tied in with the points system already present in Burning Board (StackOverflow works alot like this). As with any community driven system, it'd probably be abusable by parties inclined to do so. It'd be tricky to do well and to prevent abuse, but it'd be valuable if done well. I'm rather interested in this idea now, I might need to look more into it...

    Thinking more about it, I think it'd be best if only the "votes" that went into a decision were considered, rather than general forum points. The moderator eventually has to come along and decide what should be done. So, once they decided, they'd add or subtract "weight" from the reporter(s) of the item. If it was a legitimate report, the member gains weight (starting at very low, say 1). Illegitimate reports remove weight. With this scenario, you could set a total "weight" that has to be achieved before a member is "silenced". Does this already exist? This should totally exist.

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