Importer IPB 3.4.x: quotes are missing author name

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    Some time ago I suggested some improvements for Importer when dealing with import from IPB 3.4.x ( Importer: some bugs and ideas to improve data import from IPB 3.4.x ).
    Most of them are now fixed - thanks :D (I replaced file IPB3xExporter.class.php and run conversion again today), but I spotted two issues. I will create separate threads for them as second one is more complicated.

    First issue: quotes are missing author name. In original post in IPB it looks like this

    [quote name="some name" post="1107085" timestamp="1457168868"]Content[/quote]

    In database this is saved as:

    <blockquote  class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="some name" data-cid="1107085" data-time="1457168868">Content</blockquote>

    After conversion I got in WBB:


    Generally I see in database two kind of quote types - with blockquote tag shown above and simple BBCode [quote name="some name"].

    It is possible that there was some change in the way of dealing with quotes at some time in IPB and thus two kinds are present in my database.

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