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  • I want my members to be able to have there social network accounts shown in message sidebar information but it looks pretty ugly when they add more than a couple of them. Is there any way to go from the image on the left to something like the image on the right? Does a plugin already exist for this?

  • I could have sworn I seen a plugin for this before, one that uses the little social media colored icons like you have in screen above there, but not sure now what it's called or where I seen it. But stumbled on this one with quick search in plugin store, not sure if it's what you're after though.

    I believe it's for social media and social messengers both.

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  • I wouldn't show so many items like that in posts sidebar. Guess if you get a mod the change the default look, fine. Otherwise it's just making the list of items displayed there too long for displaying in posts

  • Lol. It's always nice though to have a mile long vertical left sidebar.. lmao :D User Johnny starts day 1 scrolling down to bottom of page, and day 30 he reaches his goal of making it to bottom of page. Of course Johnny didn't realize there's a "Go to page bottom" icon up top right of page to make job easier...

  • Thank you Smooey! That's exactly what I was looking for.

    You're welcome... :) There's so many plugins in the plugin store it's hard to keep track nowadays lol. There's even ones listed only for 4.0/2.0 that appear to work for 4.1/2.1, so tend to get lost in the plugin warehouse finding things or keeping track of things lol

  • There's so many plugins in the plugin store it's hard to keep track nowadays lol.

    I'm using the Online Users Today one that works very well but sure I read it's no longer supported, I know Paul above uses it as well on his forum.

    Shame it's not supported by the author anymore because it is a good mod and works perfect from what I can tell using it past month. It should be a stock feature this mod in WBB. It does need some of the English translations from German reworking though, which I did with this mod before using it.

    Quote from Mod Creator

    I don't know about any compatibility problems with WCF 2.1. However, keep in mind that this plugin is no longer supported.

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  • Yeah it's a shame that good plugins get thrown curbside and no longer supported etc. I spent money on some that got thrown out to curb. Before the free one you listed, I was using this one it's paid but not too expensive:

    Forget if it was little cheaper buying directly at their site or not. But I purchased it right from plugin store. I don't use it though, I was going too lol. I could have sworn there was another free one out there, but forget where it is, or maybe I'm mistaken.

    Was going to use the

    March 11, 2024 at 4:40 PM

    too, which lists who replied in topics, and also the who viewed thread plugins, but figured that might be too many database queries each time, especially if threads are pages deep etc.

    Yes and there are some that are not listed that you can't find unless you search for them specifically.

    Yeah, sometimes I have to use google search to find things quickly. "plugin name + woltlab" lol

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